Elletourage is a social networking website that takes a fresh perspective. Would you spend more time with friends if you could find people with like interests, if your schedules synched, if they were closer? Here at Elletourage, we satisfy all of those “ifs”. We give our members a way to easily connect with people, face-to-face.

Elletourage is a safe and platonic online platform to find and build friendships. We match you with women in your area whose profile works with yours: You're busy, but miss having time to decompress with friends; you like hiking and can only meet up twice a month - we'll find someone whose profile complements this and maybe you can go on that hike together.

The members of Elletourage are multifaceted. So, we provide three avenues to intersect with other members:


An opportunity for women with similar interests to get together, look on our events map and see if there are events posted in your area that interest you. Whether it's a private or a public function Elletourage can help fill your calendar with real life events tailored just for you.

The Market

"The Market" Your place to find, sell, trade, or give away items throughout the entire Elletourage community. Use The Market to find cool pieces, or set up your own Closet and start selling today. It's easy and it's free!


A platform for our members to hone professional goals by sharing their ideas as a mentor. The Elletourage framework of women-helping-women is especially valuable in the workplace. Would you like to share your experience and make a bigger impact, or would you like to hear from someone who's been there before? The Elletourage advantage is that our mentoring comes from a uniquely female perspective. Let us find the mentor that's right for you.

What people are saying:

My favorite feature is the market! I just traded a dress I'd already worn for something brand new! It's like having hundreds of friends with amazing markets and you have access to them all!

M. Cepelinski

Women helping women is what it's all about these days! Elletourage offers the perfect platform to create lifelong connections.

Nadine Robinson

Free. Fabulous. Perfect for every woman.

T. Shaddick

There's been incredible feedback. I've been getting calls from people (girlfriends) who love the Elletourage blog. After reading some of your featured posts I realized there's a huge disconnect with women here in LA.  Maybe it's because of the overzealous work environment this city breeds, or just that we're all too busy to get together, but I really miss the camaraderie of having a close knit group of girls to hang out with.

RJ Swanson

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