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More Than Just A Network

Join the Elletourage community of women to meet friends; become or find a mentor; start your own online "boutique" at the Elletourage Market; or create & attend local events to discover deeper connections.


Meet new Friends

We create one-to-one connections within our digital network to help you find like-minded friends. We encourage and make space for face-to-face get-togethers. Subscribe to the Elletourage network, & let us help build your social circle! Enjoy access to news, articles, and blogs written by fellow members; or contribute your own.

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Find or Become a Mentor

Share Your Experience! Elletourage is a platform to further your professional goals. Members can choose to be mentors or mentees, and are matched with other women in the Elletourage network based on aspirations, career fields, and life goals. Let's find a mentorship opportunity that's right for you!

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Shop - Sell - Trade

The Elletourage Market is your place to find, sell, or give away items throughout the entire Elletourage community. The E Market is a drag-and-rop ready online storefront to buy and sell goods within or beyond your own existing network. Use The Market to find cool pieces, or set up your own 'Boutique' and start selling today. It's easy and it's free!

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Local Events

Localized Elletourage events bring our community together in shared spaces to meet and discover deeper connections, from real-time happenings to job postings. Create & discover planned or spur of the moment events in just minutes! Meet new friends & mentors face to face - get the word out for your event.

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